Overview of PIMag® 6-D Magnetic Levitation

This video provides an overview of PIMag® 6-D Magnetic Levitation offered by Physik Instrumente (PI). Features of the PIMag are active magnetic trajectory control, passive moving platform, high stiffness, and nanometer resolution. The system also has a motion range of 100 × 100 × 0.15 mm³. Trajectory motions can be carried out at an acceleration of up to 2 m/s2 and a velocity of up to 100 mm/s with nanometer precision. A standard deviation of <6 nm in the translatory axes and of <250 nrad in the rotational axes is achieved. The PIMag has a resolution of 10 nm.

The platform levitates on a magnetic field generated by six planar coils in the stator, with the magnetic field being actively controlled with a 6-D sensor. The Halbach arrays include permanent magnet segments with the magnetization directions tilted against each other by 90° in the direction of the array's longitudinal axis. This makes the field lines move closer together on one side, thus increasing the magnetic flow density. The 6-axes levitation system has no mechanical or air bearings.  

Run Time – 2:09min

How Does a 6D MagLev Stage provide Nanometer Precision Motion? Magnetic Levitation | www.pi.ws

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