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Scientific and Industrial Imaging Technologies Videos

The USB 3 uEye CP with Sony IMX264

The USB 3 uEye CP with Sony IMX264

Hyperspectral Imaging Module from imec

Imec is working on a hyperspectral imaging module that enables fast, compact, and low-cost hyperspectral imaging. The target applications are machine vision, security, and medical devices.

Introduction and Overview of Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software

This video presents a brief overview of the capabilities and features of the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE scientific software. The session covers topics like application layout, white balance, exposure adjustment, image capture, and live preview window.

FERGIE Spectrograph- Fiber Coupling from Princeton Instruments

Demonstrates several ways to connect optical fibers and fiber connector probes to the FERGIE spectrograph.

Lumenera Offers Custom Industrial Cameras

This video shows Lumenera’s custom industrial cameras that provide high-end solutions to meet technical and budgetary requirements.

OWL 640 H&W 1.5km from Raptor Photonics

This video was taken using Raptor's new OWL 640, visible InGaAs. This video shows the iconic cranes at Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast.

Overview of Color Balance Function in Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software

This video presents a brief overview on color balance or white balance function for the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE software.

Calibration and Configuration of Presets in Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software

This video provides an overview of calibration and presets in the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE software package.

MikroCAD-lite 3D Optical Profiler from GFMesstechnik

Andre Zillmann from GFM gives us a demonstration of the MikroCAD-lite on the Omniscan booth at MM, MEMS & Nano Live 2012.

Specim's SisuCHEMA Chemical Imaging Workstation

This video shows the SisuCHEMA chemical imaging workstation from SpeciM. SisuCHEMA chemical imaging system is characterized by speed, simplicity and superior performance.

Overview of Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software Measurements

This video shows a training tutorial that provides an overview of the features and capabilities of the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE software.

IDS - People Inside (EN)

At IDS there are people at work, who are devoted to providing the best user experience in the vision market.

Lumenera Offers INFINITY ANALYZE Microcopy Software with Cell Counting Function

This video shows an instructional video, which is part of the tutorial series for the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE microcopy software.

Intellical Spectroscopy Calibration Made Easy

Princeton Instruments patented IntelliCal® is the industry’s only easy-to-use wavelength and intensity calibration system.

Lumenera Offers Custom Microscopy Cameras

This video shows Lumenera’s advanced and custom-design microscopy cameras that come with a wide range of sensors including CMOS and CCD.

LightField The Power of Math

LightField The Power of Math with Princeton Instruments.

EMCCD Camera Trial - Day and Night from Raptor Photonics

This video was shot at various time intervals using Raptor Hawk EMCCD camera with Fujinon 60x zoom lens.

Software Feature: Multicast

When you enable the multicast mode for a GigE uEye camera, the camera sends image data to a multicast address. So multiple client PCs can parallel receive and display the image data of the camera.

FERGIE - Fluorescence Measurement Set-Up from Princeton Instruments

Quickly set up a fluorescence measurement using the FERGIE spectroscopy system.

OEM and Custom Cameras from Lumenera

This video shows Lumenera's product manager, Darren Bessette, explaining the benefits of customizing OEM imaging solution, and how users can maximize their application with Lumenera's digital usb2 and gigabit Ethernet cameras.

Industrial USB 2.0 Cameras from Lumenera and Framos

This video from Lumenera shows Andreas Franz, the CEO of Framos, talking about the company’s operations and strategic office locations across Europe.

USB 3.0 for Machine Vision Applications from Lumenera

This video from Lumenera presents an overview on USB 3.0 and how this innovative technology will impact the imaging industry.

LightField - Designed for Researchers from Princeton Instruments

Learn how the powerful LightField software was designed with the demands of researchers in mind.

Raytrix Uses Lumenera USB 2.0 Industrial OEM Camera

This video shows a representative from Raytrix, a German-based company established to develop advanced technologies for industrial applications. The company is using Lumenera’s 11 megapixel USB 2.0 camera to develop microlens arrays for sensor applications.

Lumenera Demonstrates CMOSIS Global-shutter USB3 Cameras at VISION 2012

This video shows advanced CMOSIS global-shutter USB3 cameras from Lumenera.

Overview of Camera Controls and Settings on Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE Scientific Software

This video shows a training tutorial that provides an overview on the capabilities and features of the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE software.

Specim's SisuROCK Hyperspectral Core Imaging Station

This video demonstrates the SisuROCK imaging system from SpeciM. SisuROCK is a fully automated hyperspectral imaging instrument for easy and high speed scanning of drill cores and other geological samples.

Overview of Image Capture Options for INFINITY ANALYZE Microscopy Software from Lumenera

This video shows a training tutorial that allows customers to understand the various options provided for acquiring images from a complete image capture and processing software package called INFINITY ANALYZE from Lumenera.

Review: IDS at Vision 2014

For all visitors and those unable to attend the trade fair, IDS present a video review featuring their very latest camera highlights as well as special features and applications - like ERVIN, their FANUC robot, the line scan mode for area scan cameras, the XC with face detection and many more.

ASTM/ISO Method A Test Using the Dynisco LMI5500 Melt Flow Indexer

Polymer manufacturers need to continuously deliver high quality to meet ever-changing end-use requirements. Dynisco melt flow indexers are recognized for testing the physical properties of polymers.

Making Exposure Adjustments on Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Imaging Software

This video presents a brief synopsis on how exposure adjustments can be made in the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE imaging software to obtain optimal image quality.

Thermal Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging with the Telops Hyper-Cam

See how the Hyper-Cam, a thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging sensor can be used in an airborne configuration to detect and identify any substance or target that has a know infrared spectrum. Acquiring hyperspectral images from an airplane allows to map vast areas and obtain important spectral information useful for target detection and identification, geology and mining exploration, environmental monitoring and more.

Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Bath

Watch our video and see how the Dynisco PolyClean Fluidized Bath is a safe and effective cleaner for transducer tips and extrusion tools.

Bloodhound SSC: Which Machine Vision Camera Works Best?

The project Bloodhound tries to establish a new world land speed record. STEMMER IMAGING sponsors this project not only with machine vision cameras but also with its worldclass expertise and engineering knowledge. For further information, please visit STEMMING IMAGING's wesbite.

Overview of Micrometer Bars and Annotation Objects in Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software

This video presents an overview on the INFINITY ANALYZE’s capabilities and features. The session guides users on how to add annotation objects and micrometer bars on any calibrated images within the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE software.

FERGIE Absorbance Experiment Setup from Princeton Instruments

Learn how to setup a simple absorption experiment using the FERGIE spectrometer system with its flexible ecosystem of CUBES, accessories and software.

Dynisco LMI5000 Series MFI Demo: ASTM D1238 A/B Testing Using Polypropylene

David Azevedo, Global Support Manager at Dynisco, demonstrates the LMI5000 series ability to test method A/B per the ASTM D1238 Standard.

Pros and Cons of USB 3.0 Technology from Lumenera

This video shows Darren Bessette, product manager from Lumenera, talking about the pros and cons of USB 3.0. This technology is 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and 5 times faster than GigE.

Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE Software with Dynamic Zoom Function

This video shows a training tutorial on the Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE microscopy package.

Elemental Analysis by FireFly: Introduction

FireFly: analytical instrument for multi-elemental analysis and chemical imaging based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS).

Lumenera Offers High-Quality Digital Cameras and Customer Service

This video shows how Lumenera takes pride in going beyond the camera to satisfy ongoing needs of customers.

Overview of Lumenera LuCam Capture Software

This video shows a training tutorial that explains about the various camera controls and options offered by the Lumenera LuCam Capture software.

Bruker Optics TANGO FT-NIR Spectrometer - Ease of Use

This short video shows just how easy the TANGO FT-NIR spectrometer from Bruker Optics is to use.

Belgian Exhibitors at MILIPOL 2011

This video from Xenics shows the member companies of the Belgian Security and Defence Industry presenting their products at MILIPOL 2011.

IDS at aia Vision Show in Boston

With creative demos, IDS took part at North America's leading showcase of machine vision imaging components and solutions.

Raptor Photonics Hawk Colour EMCCD

This video shows the comparison of Raptor Photonics EMCCD colour camera vs. an ICCD camera shot under full moon conditions in Africa.

INFINITY Microscope Cameras from Lumenera

This video shows Lumenera’s INFINITY microscope cameras. The company offers a wide portfolio of cameras that are compatible with any microscope.

Raptor EMCCD Camera - Speed & Sensitiviy

This video shows the sensitivity test performed by Cyril Cavadore from Alcor System with Raptor EMCCD Kite for astronomy with 33ms, 50ms and 100ms exposure times.

Simplified Rheology for the Masses: A Technical Discussion

In this webinar, Dynisco focuses on the technical aspects of correlating laboratory measurements with full production runs. We discuss how parameters change between laboratory standards and production and how advanced equipment today can adjust for these differences.

Cheetah-640CL Opening of Champagne Bottle from Xenics

This video shows the recording of the opening of a champagne bottle using Xenics’ Cheetah-640CL, the fastest InGaAs camera.

Hidden Secrets of MIG Welding Revealed with CAVILUX lasers (Schlieren Imaging)

Cavitar's senior welding expert and teacher Juha Kauhanen and Finnish welding champion Everyweld used Cavitar's laser illumination and Schlieren Imaging Solution on a MIG welding process to produce some min blowing footage that will entertain, educate, mesmerize you.

PentaVac™ from Raptor Photonics

This video shows the newly launched vacuum technology called PentaVac from Raptor Photonics.

Pittcon 2014 - Why You Need to be There!

Pittcon 2014 introductory video

Bruker’s Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope for High-Speed Live Cell Imaging

This video demonstrates the functioning of Bruker’s Opterra Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope that integrates confocal imaging with photoactivation for high-speed imaging of live cell and small organism preparations.

Video to Show a SCMOS Camera for Fluorescence Microscopy

Sona is Andor’s latest high performance sCMOS camera platform, specifically for fluorescence microscopy.

Princeton Instruments LightField 5 Software Introduction

The future of scientific imaging and spectroscopy software is LightField!

Dynisco ViscoIndicator Webinar

The goal of this presentation is to provide a better understanding what's going on in the polymer market; explain why there is a market need for rheologic instrumentation; and introduce an online rheometer that is economical, easy to install, and applicable to all extrusion processors.

The USB 3 uEye CP with ON Semiconductor PYTHON 5000

The USB 3 uEye CP with ON Semiconductor PYTHON 5000

LightField Software - Setup, Acquire, Analyze and Export

The video describes how LightField software helps you set up your experiment, acquire images and spectra, and review, analyze and export your data.

Welcome To The Invisible World by Cavitar

Welcome To The Invisible World by Cavitar.... A world in which the unimaginable can be recorded on a camera thanks to our laser illumination. Where you get to see through heat and where brightness is no longer considered an obstacle. Where welding imaging is as clear as a day and welding defects can be identified with ease. Where shockwaves are captured with no motion blur. Where researchers, welders, and those with a curious mind can find something new and unique every single time.

Line Scan with Area Scan Cameras

With the IDS Software Suite you can enable a line scan mode for specific GigE and USB 3 uEye models with CMOSIS, e2v or Sony sensors.

Footage from 640 OWL with VIS-SWIR Lens - Raptor Photonics

This is footage from the OWL 640 VIS-SWIR camera of Raptor Photonics. This movie is taken from a moving vehicle running off a lithium battery. A prototype 16mm VIS-SWIR lens is used.

ISTFA 2013 Tools of the Trade - Demonstration of Bruker Optic's LUMOS

This video contains information on Bruker Nano Analytics new products, as well as a demonstration of Bruker Optic's LUMOS -- Stand Alone FT-IR Microscope with Full Automation.

TANGO FT-NIR Spectrometer from Bruker for Chemical Analysis

This video shows the operation of Bruker’s TANGO FT-NIR spectrometer designed for chemical analysis.

Princetn Instrumentsssss' FERGIE Raman in less than 90 seconds

Watch how simply and quickly you can set up a Raman experiment with FERGIE and its CUBES and accessories.

Active Image Enhancement Function of Raptor OWL 640 SWIR Camera

This live footage is taken with the Raptor 640 SWIR camera, during overcast and dull conditions using the new SCD InGaAs sensor with a range of 400nm - 1700nm.

Capabilities and Features of Lumenera’s INFINITY ANALYZE Software

This video shows the capabilities and features of the Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE software.

Tango Near Infrared Spectrometer for Quality Control from Bruker

In this video Dean Roberts, Manager-US Food, Feed and Agriculture Markets - Bruker demonstrates the working and application of Tango near Infrared spectrometer.

Lumenera Offers INFINITY ANALYZE Software with Color Composition Function

This video shows a training tutorial on the Lumenera INFINITY ANALYZE microcopy package. The session explains how to manipulate images using the color composition function.

LightField and PI-MAX4 ICCD Cameras from Princeton Instruments

LightField and PI-MAX4 ICCD Cameras from Princeton Instruments

Video Tutorial on Lumenera’s INFINITY ANALYZE Application Layout

This video shows the options available to configure the Lumenera's INFINITY ANALYZE application layout to suit individual preferences.