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What is AZoOptics?

AZoOptics is a knowledge tool that is intended to provide the optics, photonics, semiconductor, science, design and engineering community worldwide with a continuously updating source of all the information they need to make an informed decision on selecting an “Optics or Photonics” solution. Either through “static” mediums i.e. the knowledge base of articles and news items or through “dynamic” forms i.e. the community of experts. Due to the collaborative publishing approach that has been adopted, AZoOptics is totally free to access and is strongly focused on the requirements of both the novice and experienced user of Optics.

Why was AZoOptics formed?

The group of scientists who founded realised that there was a need for a comprehensive knowledgebase on all aspects of Optics and Photonics. It was also the case that the and web platforms have provded to be so successful that was a logical development.

What subjects does AZoOptics cover?

The initial focus of AZoOptics is on all aspects of Optics, Photonics and related subjects. The content will continue to expand to cover the interests of the AZoOptics suppliers, experts and associates.

Who generates the AZoOptics articles and news content?

We have a team of “in house” content generators and editors coupled with a worldwide network of AZoOptics experts and associates produce the AZoOptics content.

How is AZoOptics funded?

AZoOptics is financed through advertising from the suppliers of related goods and services.

Where is AZoOptics based? (AZoNetwork) Is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with sales offices around the globe.

Who are the AZoOptics experts?

An AZoOptics expert is someone with expertise in a particular material or class of materials, who has demonstrated to the AZoOptics knowledge team that their Expert Status has been recognised in some form by the wider scientific or industrial community.

How do I become an AZoOptics expert?

If you feel you have something to add or give to the optics community then email [email protected]. If at any stage you have any questions feel free to contact us at[email protected].

Once you have been registered as an AZoOptics Expert your profile will be listed alongside the technical articles that are relevant to your area of expertise. You will then be one click away from people who are interested in transferring your technology, your expertise or services.

Do I get paid for being an AZoOptics expert?

In the true spirit of freedom of information, openness and collaboration which AZoOptics endeavours to represent, you decide if you get paid for being an AZoOptics expert. What this means is that once you become an AZoOptics Expert and we have listed your expert profile, you decide how you wish to be contacted in relation to your area of expertise and if you want to be paid for answering questions.

You can also decide how much or how little you want to charge for your answers.

I represent a supplier; can I become an AZoOptics Expert?

Employees or the representatives of suppliers/manufacturers, consulting organisations or similar bodies can become AZoOptics experts. Simply email [email protected]. The only cost to you is the payment of a US$200 listing fee. Contact us for further details at [email protected]. Once you have been registered as an AZoOptics Expert your profile will be listed alongside the technical articles (up to three) that are relevant to your area of expertise. You will then be one click away from people who are interested in transferring your technology, your expertise or services.

How do I list my company alongside an article?

It is very simple to list your company as a key supplier, simply email [email protected].

What are the benefits of listing as a Key Supplier

AZoOptics is a huge free access knowledge resource of optics related information, articles, case histories, news, new product releases and technical briefs. As such it is a very attractive destination for the millions of scientist, engineers and designers who are online worldwide.

In addition, the novel search and keyword structure used by AZoOptics means that when an engineer is searching for a solution to a problem they do not need to know anything about optics - they simply type into the applications search box their application. The search results then reveal educational and informative content with key suppliers and service providers listed alongside.

What form of content is suitable?

Any form of content that will help to educate the wider optics community of the benefits of using new products, processes and materials is acceptable. Typically this will be a review article that provides a little background on a particular product or process with examples of typical applications. However, AZoOptics also welcomes shorter contributions, news items or even photographs or graphics, which add to the AZoOptics library of quality content.

To submit content forward it to us direct at [email protected].

How do I benefit by submitting content?

AZoOptics has a very wide audience reach of engineers, designers and scientists who use AZoOptics for very specific information search and retrieval. Consequently, if you submit content to AZoOptics you can guarantee that unlike traditional print media, your article will be seen by people who are directly interested in you area of expertise or product. If you are a full time academic, you can also offer to provide your consulting services by listing for free as an AZoOptics Expert alongside your article or case history.

How do I search AZoOptics?

AZoOptics provides the site visitor with a range of search options. These options include a global search, which as the name suggests searches all content for word matches on the headline text, the article summary, material keywords and tradenames. The search function also includes search boxes for applications and materials.

How does the application search work?

Every article is within the AZoOptics knowledge base is keyworded in relation to the significant applications. This keywording can never be exhaustive or complete but it is intended to provide the site visitor with guidance on the major applications. For example an article on lasers is likely to contain key words such as diodes, alumina, YAG etc. Consequently, the applications search is intended to make it easy for the non-materials person to find information on solutions for their application or similar applications. To make it even easier to find your application or an application similar to the one you seek, we have also included a page that lists the current real time list of all of the applications currently covered on the site.

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