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Video to Show the Capabilities of Microtrac

This video is an introduction to Microtrac and the type of products it provides.

Princeton Instruments IsoPlane - Revolutionary Imaging Spectrograph

Princeton Instruments' Isoplane imaging spectrograph achieves a sharply focused image by utilizing advanced optical design to bring more photons into the peak, increasing the effective signal-to-noise ratio.

Princetn Instrumentsssss' FERGIE Raman in less than 90 seconds

Watch how simply and quickly you can set up a Raman experiment with FERGIE and its CUBES and accessories.

Video of Microtrac’s Synchronous Shape and Size Analyzer

Microtrac’s synchronous size and shape analyzer, Sync, integrates the world’s leading laser diffraction technology with the world’s leading dynamic image analysis technology.

LightField The Power of Math

LightField The Power of Math with Princeton Instruments.

Lumenera's INFINITY Cameras used in BioBus Science Outreach Project

Lumenera INFINITY cameras were donated to the BioBus project in New York City last summer and you can see the BioBus student ‘cell-fies’ gallery on the Lumenera web site. A news report about the BioBus was featured on NBC news last week.

Fundamentals of Spectroscopy and Imaging Spectrometers - Webinar

Presented by Sebastian Remi - Applications Scientist - Princeton Instruments.

"Cloaking Device" Concept Moves Beyond Theory

A team led by scientists at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has demonstrated the first working "invisibility cloak." The cloak deflects microwave beams so they flow around a "hidden" object inside with little distortion, making it appear almost as if nothing were there at all.

LightField - Designed for Researchers from Princeton Instruments

Learn how the powerful LightField software was designed with the demands of researchers in mind.

Pittcon 2014 - Why You Need to be There!

Pittcon 2014 introductory video

LightField Software - Setup, Acquire, Analyze and Export

The video describes how LightField software helps you set up your experiment, acquire images and spectra, and review, analyze and export your data.

FERGIE - Fluorescence Measurement Set-Up from Princeton Instruments

Quickly set up a fluorescence measurement using the FERGIE spectroscopy system.

A Step by Step Guide to SpectraSuite Software for Spectrometer - by Ocean Optics

A tutorial by Ocean Optics demonstrating the basics to teh SpectraSuite software for use with spectrometer. This step by step video guide is very comprehensive for any level user on the use of the SpectraSuite software package.

Harnessing the Power of Light in Many New Ways

The photonics group has led the way in developing photonic crystal fibres, pioneered by Professor Philip Russell in 1991 and now a major new area within physics. These optical fibres are able to harness the power of light in many new ways, enhancing existing applications and leading to many new ones. The work is expected to have a major impact in many areas of engineering and technology, including light sources, optical telecommunications, ultra-violet light and x-ray generation, atomic and quantum physics and astronomical imaging.

FERGIE Spectrograph- Fiber Coupling from Princeton Instruments

Demonstrates several ways to connect optical fibers and fiber connector probes to the FERGIE spectrograph.

Intellical Spectroscopy Calibration Made Easy

Princeton Instruments patented IntelliCal® is the industry’s only easy-to-use wavelength and intensity calibration system.

Raman in 90 seconds with Princeton Instruments' FERGIE - Live at Photonics West 2017

Raman in 90 seconds with FERGIE - Live at Photonics West 2017.

An Introduction to Back Illuminated sCMOS Cameras with Princeton Instruments - Feb 14 2017

Ravi Guntupalli explains the latest back illuminated sCOMS camera technology and introduces the Princeton Instruments KURO sCMOS camera.

The Keyence VHX-1000 Digital Microscope

Sean Gasparovic shows us the VHX-1000 fully integrated digital microscope from Keyence. The VHX-1000 features an optical system designed specifically to work with a CCD, with magnification from 0.1X to 5000X

LightField and PI-MAX4 ICCD Cameras from Princeton Instruments

LightField and PI-MAX4 ICCD Cameras from Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instruments LightField 5 Software Introduction

The future of scientific imaging and spectroscopy software is LightField!

JK Lasers Create an Independence Day Message Using Their 400W Fiber Laser

To celebrate Independence Day, JK Lasers ablated a special message using a 400W single mode, continuous wave fiber laser.

FERGIE Absorbance Experiment Setup from Princeton Instruments

Learn how to setup a simple absorption experiment using the FERGIE spectrometer system with its flexible ecosystem of CUBES, accessories and software.

Analysis of raw materials in the dairy industry using the MPA FT-NIR milk and dairy analyzer from Bruker Optics

This video shows Bruker’s MPA FT-NIR analyzer that offers easy, reliable and cost-effective solutions for milk testing and dairy analysis.