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Laser-Induced Cell Wounding in Drosophila Embryo

This video shows the laser-induced cell wounding in a Drosophila embryo. The images were acquired in real time using Andor Technology’s MicroPoint Laser System.

Researchers Made a Surprising Laser Discovery

Princeton University researchers made a surprising discovery when a new laser was found during experimenting.

JK Lasers Create an Independence Day Message Using Their 400W Fiber Laser

To celebrate Independence Day, JK Lasers ablated a special message using a 400W single mode, continuous wave fiber laser.

World's Most Powerful Lasers

Wired Science heads to the National Ignition Facility, where an enormous 192-beam laser bay may become capable of fusing hydrogen atoms into helium - creating an endless, clean source of energy.

Basics of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy from Applied Spectra

This video shows how the process of Laser-Induced breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) works. Jong Yoo, PhD from Applied Spectra provides an overview of LIBS.

Overview of HTCure™ Technology from Cobolt AB

In this video Jonas Hellström, CTO at Cobolt AB gives an overview of HTCure™ Technology.

Laser fusion gets HiPERactive

Mike Dunne, director of the European High Power Laser Energy Research (HiPER) project, describes the technological hurdles that need to be overcome in order for scientists to transform laser-driven fusion into a real-world power source.

LIFE: Laser Initial Fusion Energy System

Ed Moses, principal associate director of the National Ignition Facility, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, discusses current laser inertial fusion energy technology and its potential to scale up to nationwide energy production in the next 10 years.

Fiberoptics Fundamentals | MIT Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics

MIT lecture on the fundamentals of lasers as applied to fiber optics.

Photonex - The UK's Premiere Event for Photonics

Photonex is the UK's premiere event for photonics. It covers almost all industries you can imagine that involve light, from science to industry and the products and technologies on show will no doubt impact everyone from academia to consumers. Attendees come from all over the UK as well as from overseas.

Airborne Laser from Boeing Company

It's the largest laser beam in the world and it's being built in the Bay Area. The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will shoot tremendous bursts of energy at an area the size of a pencil eraser. The goal? To recreate fusion -- which powers the sun and some nuclear bombs -- perhaps harnessing a new source of clean energy for the 21st century.

Pittcon 2014 - Why You Need to be There!

Pittcon 2014 introductory video

Pre-Pulse Technology for EUV Lithography by Cymer

Pre-Pulse, Cymer’s efficient and advanced pulse operation, has enabled the company to meet the high-volume manufacturing (HVM) needs of the semiconductor industry.

Customer Testimonial of Lasers from Cobolt AB

In this video Prof. Jerker Widengren, from Royal Institute of Technology discusses the advantages of using Cobolt lasers for research.

SETI Seminar: Laser Plasma Spectroscopy from Applied Spectra

This video from Applied Spectra shows the weekly SETI seminar series, wherein Dr. Richard Russo is presenting a general overview of the underlying mechanisms for laser ablation, characteristics of LA-ICP-MS and LIBS, etc.