PI offers Fast Multi-Channel Photonics Alignment Systems

This video offers a glimpse into Physik Instrumente (PI)’s complete range of fast multi-channel photonics alignment (FMPA) systems for the silicon photonics market. These unique, easy-to-integrate subsystems are developed for aligning fibers and optical components. Simultaneous analysis of all inputs and outputs saves a great deal of cost. Piezo scanners are capable of performing fast, continuous scanning tasks, which demand precision, dynamics, and durability. The larger travel ranges are achieved with 6-axis hexapods or XYZ combinations. Using firmware-based routines, the high-performance controllers control all axes for simultaneous optimization of several inputs and outputs. Integrated routines allow performing single-axis alignments as well as complex, multi-axis fiber array positioning rapidly. The efficient algorithms for area scanning, first light detection, and gradient scanning with piezo-based NanoCube® ensure high industrial throughput with a process time of less than 0.6 seconds. The customer can optimize the application for the highest throughput in 24/7 operation. The easy-to-use PIMikroMove® software provides access to all controller functions.

Run Time – 0:57min

PI - Solutions for Silicon Photonics

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