Compact QCL with Mid-IR Output (4 µm to 10 µm) – Hamamatsu L12020-0993T-C

The Hamamatsu L12020-0993T-C quantum cascade laser (QCL) is a semiconductor device that has an emission wavelength in the mid-IR range – 4 to 10 µm. Its emission theory is completely different from normal LDs, so increased attention has been placed on QCLs as a ground-breaking solution for mid-IR applications, including trace gas analysis in environmental monitoring.

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Key Features

  • Utilizes single photon continuum depopulation and distributed feedback (DFB) structures to discharge continuous wave (CW) mid-IR laser light under room temperature
  • By manipulating the operating temperature of the chip via the Peltier element installed in the HHL package, it is feasible to tune the emission wavelength without mode hopping, while maintaining longitudinal single mode function

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