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Direct Diode Laser (DDL) – High Power for Annealing, Welding and Brazing - L11585-02

The L11585-02 Direct Diode Laser (DDL) is a laser source that can be used to irradiate a focused laser beam from a high power LD module directly onto a target.

The DDL can be used for a variety of processes such as brazing, quenching, annealing and welding. The major advantage of the laser diodes is that they consume less electricity and are small in size compared to CO2 lasers or traditional solid state lasers.

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Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly: High E-O efficiency and idling-free
  • Convenient and simple to use: No maintenance needed and high linearity of current-power characteristics
  • Light in weight and small in size: Complicated optical transmission is not needed
  • High quality material processing: Uniform irradiant and less spattering


  • Cutting of plastic, metal, etc.
  • Laser metal welding
  • Annealing
  • Laser soldering
  • Brazing
  • Laser plastic welding

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