Duel Energy, High-Resolution, In-Line Scanning X-Ray Camera with a Wide Dynamic Range

The C10800 series is the latest high-resolution and high-speed twin energy X-ray line scan camera that can be used to discriminate materials in a wide range of nondestructive testing applications.

Utilizing a commercial frame grabber board, the 12-bit digital output can be easily connected to a PC or other external instruments. Data processing, acquired image processing, and filing can be carried out, enabling the configuration of any system.

The 12-bit digital output offers high contrast and a high resolution image with a broad dynamic range. Different X-ray conditions and objects can be optimized by utilizing different combinations of filter, scintillator, and gain factor to span a variety of applications, from high energy range applications, like mineral resources sorting, to middle or low energy applications, like drug detection, food inspection, and meat inspection.

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Key Features

  • 12-bit digital output
  • Remove a target material from multi-energy image data
  • Broad dynamic range
  • High resolution
  • Optimized for middle X-ray energy range of 50 to 110 kV, or high X-ray energy range of 100 to 160 kV
  • Excellent energy partition accuracy with well aligned twin energy images


  • Medical quality control and drug detection
  • Food inspection with high precision
  • Security check
  • Composite material sorting or inspection
  • Waste sorting for reprocessing
  • Mineral resources sorting – detection of rare metals

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