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Femtosecond Streak Camera with High Temporal Resolution – FESCA-100

Measurement of light phenomena with 1×10-13 second (100 femtoseconds) can be performed.

The femtosecond streak camera C11853-01 has two times higher temporal resolution than the standard streak camera C6138 (FESCA-200).

The C11853-01 can measure light pulse phenomena in femtoseconds time period with the real time analyzing.

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  • 100 femtosecond temporal resolution
  • Real time analyzing is permitted with the dedicated readout system
  • Simultaneous measurement of spatial (wavelength) axis and light intensity

streak image and intensity profile


  • Diagnosis of femtosecond laser
  • Analysis of the ultrastructure of laser waveform along optical waveguides
  • Measurement of electron bunch for synchrotron and LINAC applications


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