X-Ray Line Sensor for Measurement of Substance Densitry, Concentration and Thickness

The C10413 is an energy differentiation type 64 CH CdTe radiation line sensor provided by Hamamatsu. It helps produce gamma-ray and X-ray images with multicolor by energy differentiation.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous energy differentiation of input radiation photons, by setting five different energy thresholds
  • High radiation detection efficiency, thanks to direct conversion type semiconductor (CdTe) detector
  • Parallel signal readout from each pixel
  • Broad energy measurement range covering gamma-rays and X-rays spectral regions
  • High counting efficiency
  • Eliminates effect from beam scattering and hardening by energy differentiation function


  • Elimination of effects from hardening and beam scattering
  • Simultaneous measurement of images and different energy regions
  • X-ray and gamma-ray spectrum measurement

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