C-Shaped Line X-Ray Camera for Tire Inspection

Hamamatsu’s C-shaped X-ray line scan camera has been specifically designed to meet the demands of tire inspections.

Built on the Hamamatsu C9750 series X-ray line scan camera technologies, the C-shaped X-ray line scan camera produces images with a horizontal resolution of 3456 pixels, without any gap (<1 pixel) for the entire effective area while the tire rotates one revolution.

The broad intensity dynamic range and high sensitivity offer quick and superior detectability for consistent inspection.

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Key Features

  • Pixel pitch: 0.4 mm
  • A/D conversion: 12-bit
  • Sensitivity range: 25 kV to 160 kV
  • Line speed ranges: 4 m/minute to 36 m/minute
  • RS-422, camera link optional

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