In-Line X-Ray Camera Suitable for High-Resolution Applications – X-Ray TDI Camera C10650-221

The X-ray TDI camera C10650 series from Hamamatsu is suitable for in-line applications that need high-speed operation with high sensitivity. TDI imaging is suitable for applications where the aspect ratio of the subject being imaged is considerably asymmetric, or where it is essential to record linear movement.

The X-ray TDI camera offers solutions for low brightness under high-resolution usage, which is an issue with traditional line sensor cameras, making this camera ideal for applications that need high resolution.

A new addition to the series is the Vertical X-ray TDI cameras, which can be installed in narrow spaces.

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Key Features

  • Single power supply (+15 V) operation
  • High S/N ratio with 12 bit/16 bit output
  • Camera link interface (base configuration)
  • Frame readout mode for easy installation alignment
  • Real-time dark current/shading correction operation


  • Surface-mounted component inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • High-resolution in-line non-destructive inspection
  • Lithium-ion battery inspection

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