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Compact 2W Xenon Flash Lamp Module - L13651

Hamamatsu’s L13651 series is an easy-to-use, single-package lamp module developed to harness the complete potential of the xenon flash lamp.

The L13651 series works on a 5-V mobile battery and assures low electromagnetic noise, effecting easier equipment design. The standard model of the L13651 series provides a remarkably high electrode positioning accuracy of ±0.05 mm, making it best suited for applications that necessitate much higher performance of the equipment.

In addition, the L13651 series is equipped with an SMA fiber adapter that eliminates the need to design the lens.


  • Compact size (world’s smallest*)
  • High stability of 0.4 %CV Typ.
  • Maximum repetition rate of 1250 Hz
  • Works on a 5-V mobile battery
  • Long life of up to 1 x 109 flashes
  • Wider spectrum from UV to mid-IR range

*As per Hamamatsu’s research (as of September 2016)


  • Blood analysis
  • Spectroscopic analysis
  • Environmental analysis
    • Air pollution analysis (SOx, NOx, etc.)
    • Water pollution analysis (TN, TOC, etc.)
    • Gas analysis (CH4, etc.)

Type Number Guide

Spectral Irradiance (Typ.)


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