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Electrostatic Charge Removal with a VUV (Vacuum Ultraviolet) Ionizer - L12542VUV

Hamamatsu have developed an electrostatic charge remover called L12542, which uses vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) light. The L12542 has a wide irradiation angle, 3 times bigger than the present VUV light source, which helps it to effectively eliminates electrostatic charges across wide areas in vacuum or depressurized environments.

Until now, due to the restricted irradiation angle of the VUV light source, more than one VUV light source was needed to neutralize the electrostatic charges in large areas. This issue is solved by the L12542 VUV ionizer, which efficiently neutralizes large areas in a vacuum.

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Key Features

  • No air flow is required
  • No electromagnetic noise and dust emissions
  • Long life
  • Highly efficient ion generation in a vacuum
  • No overshoot (does not create opposite-polarity static charges)
  • Large irradiation (neutralizing) area


  • Hard disk manufacturing equipment
  • LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Dechucking of electrostatic chucks
  • Organic EL manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (vacuum process)
  • Film manufacturing equipment

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