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Featured Equipment
About the size of a lab book, the world‘s smallest FT-IR spectrometer ALPHA will play a big part in your daily routine. Plug & play set-up, easy-to-use software, combined with QuickSnap™ sampling modules assure powerful and reliable FT-IR analysis you expect from Bruker.
McPherson, Inc. Research Grade Czerny-Turner Monochromators are available in many different focal lengths and with many different options. Chances are good that we have one just right for your application. Models ranging from 0.67-m to 2-meter focal lengths share a wealth of features. The 1-meter focal length Model 2061 provides the traditional blend of throughput and spectral resolution.
PI (Physik Instrumente) S-334 piezo tip/tilt mirrors / scanners provide extremely large deflection angles in a miniaturized package. These fast steering mirror systems are based on a sophisticated parallel-kinematics design with two coplanar, orthogonal axes and a fixed pivot point.
Angstrom Advanced offers the PHE-102 variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer that operates in the 250 - 1100nm, 250-1700nm or 250-2100nm spectral range. Two technical concepts are available for the PHE-102.
The VS92 TE cooled CCD camera supplied by Artemis CCD is part of the VS range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras designed for microscopy and OEM users.
The new FluoTemp GT-HT temperature converter features high consistency, reliability and improved diagnostics even when exposed to high temperature and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) environments.
The NIRQuest delivers high-resolution NIR spectroscopy with great performance and multiple setup options. The NIRQuest has a smaller footprint than comparable systems and a price that won't break the bank.
The SPF-290S is a recording UV spectrophotometer designed and optimized for the determination of SPF values on a variety of sunscreen and cosmetic products reducing the need (and cost!) for in-vivo testing.
The Focus Optical Flow Meter is easy to install and is cost-effective, but its high turndown ratio enables oil companies to determine a wide range of flow rates. The Focus OFM uses laser beams to determine the gas flow by sensing the velocity of microscopic particulates naturally occurring in gas.
The Jaz Light Meter is now available for radiometric analysis of LEDs, flat panel displays, lamps and other radiant sources. This pre-configured, pre-calibrated spectrometer suite is the ideal tool for QC, lab and field measurements of LED chips, assemblies and other luminaires. Measure spectral characteristics and calculate key parameters like Lux, Lumen, PAR and Watt values.
Photon Control offers a range of highly accurate temperature system converters, that can be paired with Immersion, Contact, or Life Science probes for specific application requirements.
Part of the LF range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras, the Artemis CCD LF40+ CCD camera integrates the best from Truesense (Kodak) and has been designed for applications that demand maximum pixel size in large, full frame sensors.
Part of the QS range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras, the QS14 CCD camera comes in a compact yet versatile form factor.
Photon Control has introduced high-resolution benchtop spectrometers SPM-001 and SPM-002. The SPM-001 makes use of a proprietary optical bench design and a 150mm optical bench, to achieve up to 0.12nm resolution (SPM-001-M).
In the race to satisfy the global demand for telecommunications bandwidth, the need for technically advanced, high-capacity networks is paramount. Since 1998, the world has relied on Corning® LEAF® optical fiber to transmit information at higher bit rates and over longer distances than ever before.
Microscopes of MBL3000 series were developed for sophisticated medical and biological applications. They are provided with Köhler lighting and planachromatic objective lenses. Microscopes are considerably extendible and therefore suitable for many professional applications. Versatile accessories assure a riskless investment.
Optometrics Corp. has manufactured over 20,000 Mini-Chrom monochromators since their initial introduction in 1978. The majority have been incorporated into a variety of analytical and biomedical instruments made and marketed by leaders in their respective fields.
Artemis CCD offers the VS14 TE cooled CCD camera that is part of the VS range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras.
The VS28 TE cooled CCD camera available from Artemis CCD is part of the VS range of TE-cooled CCD scientific cameras.
The AA3000 and AA5000 Scanning Probe Microscopes available from Angstrom Advanced are designed for research and industry applications. With the help of these instruments, users can perform fast and simple analysis.
The FS14 CCD camera supplied by Artemis is part of the FS product range of cooled CCD cameras and includes the latest ICX-285 mid-high range Sony sensor.
The SIM02 Specialised Imaging Multi-Channel Framing Camera, using ultra high-resolution image intensifiers, no-compromise optical design, and double pulsing takes ultra high-speed framing to the next level of flexibility
The NeoFox Phase Measurement System is a fluorescence-based optical sensor system that reduces costs, improves stability and makes calibration easy for a wide variety of O2 sensing setups. Use NeoFox for measurement of fluorescence lifetime, phase and intensity. The system is well suited for applications where sensitivity to drift and system stability are critical.
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