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Sandia Develops New Type of Electrochemical Sensor

Bacteria Rapid Detection Using Optical Scattering Technology

New Light Microscope Surpasses Resolution of Conventional Optical Microscopes

New Uses for Scintillating Materials

New Absorbing Molecules Produce 65-Nanometer Patterns

Rensselaer Researchers Analyze Specialized Pulsed Lasers injection Process on Living Cells

More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnosis May Come from Combined MRI-Optics Method

LED Lighting Brightens Supermarket Freezers

Argonne Researchers Trap Atoms of Radium in a Magneto-Optical Trap

Lasers Allow Scientists to Test Gene Function in Butterfly Wings

Laser-Based Item Monitoring System Offers Alternative to Video Surveillance

New Sodium Laser for Astronomers

Oak Ridge Wins Six R&D 100 Awards

Creation of Joint Quantum Institute

Innovations in Optics-Based Communications

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