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Six Coastal Provinces in Angola linked by a Fiber-Optic Submarine Network Provided by Ericsson

New Tunable Laser for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Networks

Cooling the Skin After Laser Treatment Increases Discoloration in Dark-Skinned Patients

Laser Alignment Tool for Precision Measurements and Calibrations

Recent Upgrades of Calibration System with a Laser Interferometer

Development of a High Power Fiber Laser to Perform Middle-Ear Surgery without Anesthesia

Budget Cut for the World's Largest Radio Telescope

Optical and Radio Astronomy from Moon's Surface using a Prototype Lunar Lander Vehicle

Eye Protection Starts at Home

Latest Fiber Optic Test Platform from Luna Technologies

Fiber-Optic Cable Expansion for Oncore

U.S. Army's Latest Hand-Held Laser Rangefinders

Boeing Launched Satellite to Provide High-Resolution Images of Earth

Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Advanced Precision Targeting and Sensor System

Revolutionary Intraocular Lens Treats Combined Eye Conditions at Once

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