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Something New About Solitons

Lasers for Deflecting Asteroids

New Class of Ultra-Thin Polymer Films

Robin Santra Wins First-ever Young Scientist Prize for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Science Students Learn Entrepreneurship Through New Program

Satellite Remote-Sensing Method Hatches New Cell-Analysis System

Laser Technologies Help Eradicate Food-Borne Pathogen

Researchers Develop Next Generation of Screening Devices

World's First Anti-Reflection Coating

New Type of Laser for Providing High-Resolution 3-D Images of the Retina

MRI-Safe Motor Makes Robotic Biopsies Possible

Lasers Used to Generate Bulk Flow in Fluids

Most Compact Wavelength-Demultipler to Date

Optical Images at Resolutions as Low as One Nanometer

$2 Million to Improve Sensitivity and Resolution of the Keck Interferometer

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