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Fluorescence Microscopy May Be Used to Detect Tumours in Cancer Patients

Wavefield Inseis Purchased Remaining Shares of Norwegian Optical Sensor Specialist

Sea-Based Radar System Installed in Alaska by Boeing

NTPC Plans to Manufacture LED Lamps

Advanced Photonix Received Purchase Order from U.S. Military for Night Vision Systems

Three Main Street in New York to Install Solar-Powered LED Street Lighting

LED Christmas Light Offers a More Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Solution During Christmas

Sumitomo Chemical has Completed Acquisition of Cambridge Display Technology for $285 Million

Biolase Entering New Markets

Solar-Powered Laser Promises Almost-Unlimited Energy

Laser Welding Technique Could Offer Surgeons an Alternative for Closing Corneal Wounds

Antimatter Should Increase Laser Power

U.S. Marine Helicopter Test Fired Two Laser-Guided APKWS Rockets

Conterra Ultra Broadband Uses $41 million to Upgrade its Hybrid Wireless Network for Remote Areas

New NASA Gamma-Ray Telescope Allows Scientists to Study Black Holes and Other Phenomena

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