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Mobius Photonics Introduces G1R3 Short-Pulse Laser System

Mobius Photonics, a company specializing in the production of short-pulsed fiber laser sources such as ultraviolet, green and infrared lasers, has launched a new laser source called G1R3.

The high-repetition-rate, short-pulse, fiber-based laser system, G1R3 can produce infrared, green or ultraviolet laser output for accurate materials processing purposes, including via drilling, solar cell production and micromachining.

The master-oscillator, fiber-power-amplifier-based system, G1R3 is offered in three patterns. One configuration generates up to 12 W at an output of 355 nm, the second one yields up to 18 W at 532 nm, while the third one offers 30 W at 1064 nm. The system demonstrates higher average powers in the green and ultraviolet range.

Mobius Photonics also owns a patented multi-head function from a single system. By utilizing this technology, superior system power output can be achieved from harmonized laser heads or concurrent material processing can be done if utilized individually.

The G1R3 laser sources generate diffraction-limited output above a range of user-modifiable pulse widths and pulse repetition frequencies. They tolerate repetition rates of up to 2 MHz and produce tunable pulses between 2 and 6 ns. The laser sources are air cooled to assist easy integration and their modular design allows easy upgrading and servicing.


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