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Coriant Introduces CloudWave Optics Software-Programmable Photonic Layer Technologies

Coriant, a global supplier of SDN-enabled end-to-end transport networking solutions, today announced Coriant CloudWave™ Optics, a versatile suite of software-programmable photonic layer technologies that brings a new level of flexibility, efficiency, and scalability to next-generation optical transmission networks.

A key enabler of the Coriant Dynamic Optical Cloud™ Solution, Coriant CloudWave™ Optics features best-in-class photonics, software programmable line side modulation, tunable spectral allocation, and channel frequency flexibility. Recently showcased in a pan-European Tier 1 carrier field trial, these carrier-grade capabilities significantly enhance service flexibility and network scalability in metro, regional, LH, ULH, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) transport applications.

“Our 400G flexi-rate field trial with Coriant successfully demonstrated the real-world value that programmable modulation can play in advancing the state of optical layer flexibility and adaptability,” said Mattias Fridström, Vice President and Head of Technology, TeliaSonera International Carrier.

Designed for cost-effective integration across Coriant’s industry-leading portfolio of packet optical transport platforms, including the Coriant® hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform and the Coriant® mTera™ Universal Transport Platform, among others, CloudWave-powered flexi-rate transmission enables network operators to achieve the highest degree of optical performance at the lowest cost per bit. Key features and benefits of Coriant’s flexi-rate solutions portfolio include:

  • Flexible, multi-functional provisioning of service capacity with a single, compact and software-programmable line side interface that can dynamically adapt to a wide range of metro, regional, LH, ULH, subsea, and DCI transport applications
  • Cost-optimized capacity, reach and service performance based on a unique combination of flexi-rate and super-channel features with dynamically adjustable modulation formats (e.g., QPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM), flexible bit rate transmission options (100G, 200G, 300G, 400G), and state-of-the-art RAMAN with up to 25.6Tb/s per fiber in meshed optical networks
  • Lower total cost of ownership via industry-leading power and space efficiency, increased spectral efficiency (up to 33%), increased fiber capacity (up to 166%), and reduced sparing requirements
  • Optimal utilization of optical channel capacity with an innovative, software-programmable system architecture that maximizes client/line-side interconnectivity and throughput efficiencies
  • Seamless interworking with all legacy and third-party infrastructure (e.g., fixed, colorless, directionless, gridless, 40/80/96 channels, etc.), all major fiber types, and across Coriant’s metro, ULH/LH, and DCI-optimized packet optical transport platforms

“Increased demand for dynamic, cloud-centric services and applications is a driving force behind innovation in optical layer technologies,” said Ken Craft, Executive Vice, Products and Technology, Coriant. “Our programmable flexi-rate capabilities are specifically designed to help service providers and data center operators efficiently and cost-effectively scale their service infrastructure in the face of continued demand for network capacity and highly unpredictable traffic patterns and transport connectivity requirements.”

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Coriant delivers innovative, dynamic networking solutions for a fast-changing business world. The Coriant portfolio of SDN-enabled, edge-to-core transport solutions enables network operators to reduce operational complexity, improve utilization of multi-layer network resources, and create new revenue opportunities. Coriant serves leading network operators around the world, including mobile and fixed line service providers, content providers, data center operators, cable MSOs, large enterprises, government agencies, financial institutions, and utility companies. With a distinguished heritage of technology innovation and service excellence, forged by over 35 years of experience and expertise in Tier 1 carrier networks, Coriant is helping its global customers maximize the value of their network infrastructure as demand for bandwidth explodes and the communications needs of businesses and consumers continue to evolve. Learn more at


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