Ondax Introduces Wavelength Stabilized Laser Diodes

Ondax, a leading manufacturer of Volume Holographic Gratings, expands its product portfolio with the introduction of Wavelength Stabilized 405nm Laser Diodes. The stabilized lasers have a single-mode, narrow linewidth, very low temperature dependence and a coherence length of 1 meter. The lasers exhibit stable interference fringes after greater than 6 meters path length difference.

The lasers are packaged in standard 5.6mm TO cans. Additional wavelengths include; 640nm, 658nm, 685nm, 780.25nm and 785nm. Custom wavelengths, Fiber Pigtailed Units, and Fiber Coupled Modules are also available.

Stabilization is achieved using the Ondax Volume Holographic Grating (VHG) PowerLocker™. The PowerLocker™ VHG is a volume holographic glass grating which diffracts a defined efficiency at a specific wavelength. The gratings increase spectral brightness of laser diodes, locking their wavelength and increasing temperature stability and yield. The PowerLocker™ VHG is available in wavelengths from 350nm to 3microns.

The Ondax Wavelength Stabilized 405nm Laser will be on exhibit at the Photonics West 2008 trade show in San Jose, California, January 22 – 24 at booth #5122 in the lobby outside the main hall.

Applications include Raman Spectroscopy, Data Storage, Flow Cytometry, Metrology,/Interferometry, Data Storage, Embossed Holograms, CD Mastering, Diffraction Grating Fabrication, Particle Counting, Fluorescence, Nondestructive Testing, Microlithography, High Speed Printing and more.

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