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Peter Zoller Wins Dirac Medal 2006

Australian-Based Researchers Perform Real-Time Cell Surgery in California Via Internet

Researchers Slow Light

Laser Bursts Create True Black Metal

Ultrafast Lasers Reveal Atoms Colliding

Hybrid Silicon Evanescent Laser Offers Alternative to Silicon Raman Lasers

New Laser-Surgery Technique for Cornea Transplants

Extreme Ultraviolet Light Helps Create More Powerful Computer Chips

UCF Optics Researchers Make Military Rescue Missions, Teamwork More Effective

Scientists Perform Atomic Spectroscopy with Integrated Optics on a Chip for First Time

World's First Electrically Powered Hybrid Silicon Laser Built Using Standard Silicon Manufacturing Processes

Super Stable Fiber-Optic Network

New Form of Transistor and a New Form of Laser at Once

Fastest Measurements Ever of Molecular Dynamics

New Method for Using Laser Beams to Accelerate Ions

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