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LED Replaces CCFL Lighting for LCDs

National Semiconductor Corporation Showcases First RBG LED Driver for Backlighting

Fiber-Optic Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensor Available from AMS Technologies

AMS Technologies Announces Availability of XFP Transceivers for MAN Applications

Infinera's Digital Optical Network to Link Paris and Roubaix Data Centers

Infinera's Photonic Integrated Circuits Demonstrated Transmission of 40 Gb/s Over Transoceanic Distance

Royal Laser Corp Announced Intention to Acquire an Ontario Based Steel Service Centre

Ericsson Demonstrates Real-Time, Global, Network-Interoperability

All-Purpose Interference Filters with Variable Transmission Characteristics

Simple and Inexpensive Optical Imaging System Providing Real-Time Mapping of Animals' Internal Organs

New tunable Mirrorless Optical Parametric Oscillator - Tunable and Mirrorfree Infrared Source

Alternative to Conventional Lighting - Efficient and Environmentally Friendly White Organic LED

Improved GPS and Fiber-Optic Inertial Sensor Assembly Developed by Northrop Grumman

Six Coastal Provinces in Angola linked by a Fiber-Optic Submarine Network Provided by Ericsson

New Tunable Laser for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing Networks

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