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KÖWE Shopping Centre Illuminated in Fascinating Play of Colours

OSTAR Lighting Breaks 1000 Lumen Barrier

Lighting that Can be Seen from Outer Space

OSTAR Projection with Six Chips

RS Components and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Partner

OSRAM Opens New Chip Factory in Malaysia

High-Tech Light for Cars

Laser Components and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Announce North American Franchise Agreement for Distribution of Semiconductor Laser Products

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Presents High-Power Portfolio at Laser Fair 2007

Smallest Continuous Wave Laser in the World

OSRAM Creates New World Record - Peak Values for Red High-Current Chips

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors Wins Innovator Award 2007

OSTAR Headlamp Achieves 620 Lumen

Brookhaven Scientists Generate Extremely Short Pulses of Light

Storage of a Single Photon in a Quantum Memory

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