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NASA Researchers Probe Curious Behavior of Moondust

Exponential Decay Lifetimes of Excitons in Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Northwestern University Advance Quantum Cascade Laser

New Type of Flexible Plastic Film

GigaBeam Announces Milestone Orders for Next-Generation Wireless Technology for Major U.S. Metro Market

University of Central Florida and Holochip Announce Global Licensing Agreement for Zoom Lens Patents

New Device to Make Laser-to-Fiber and Fiber-to-Fiber Connections within Optical Fiber Packages

New Leica ST5020 Multistainer Workstation

License Agreement between Leica Microsystems and Koheras A/S

Leica Microsystems Wins Third German Business Innovation Award

Ludger Althoff Joins Leica Microsystems Management

New Leica Educational Stereomicroscopes

Leica Microsystems Introduces New TL Transmitted-Light Bases for Stereomicroscopy

New High Resolution Spectral Confocal System Leica TCS SPE

Spectacular Imaging from Leica Microsystems

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