Moritex's New Compact Handheld Colour Sensor Making Skin Tone Measurement a Simple Operation

Moritex, a world leader in supplying skin counselling products to the aesthetics market, has announced a new compact handheld colour sensor that makes measurement of skin tone a fast and simple operation.

Skin tone changes according to your age, the environment you live or work in and the seasons. The Moritex Skin Colour Sensor provides cosmeticians and make-up artists with a valuable new tool for making selection of foundation to match your natural skin tone an easier, faster and more precise process.

Makeup foundation is the secret to whether your makeup will look good or not. Foundation helps to smooth out your skin tone, conceal blemishes and gives you a healthier glow. Applying makeup without a foundation base can actually accentuate unsightly skin problems, rather than conceal them. Choosing and applying foundation should be a simple procedure, but there are pitfalls.

To check the hue and brightness of your skin the Moritex Skin Colour Sensor compares melanin and haemoglobin levels in two different areas of your skin. Firstly an area of skin (neck or inner bicep) which is unexposed to the sun and elements is measured. A second reading is then taken on an exposed area (the face) where make-up and foundation will be applied. Software automatically calculates a Munsell colour number** for the skin enabling a perfectly matching foundation to be selected.

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For further information on the new Moritex Skin Colour Sensor catalogue please contact Moritex Europe on +46-8-549-00634 or email [email protected]

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