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New Absorbing Molecules Produce 65-Nanometer Patterns

Rensselaer Researchers Analyze Specialized Pulsed Lasers injection Process on Living Cells

More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnosis May Come from Combined MRI-Optics Method

LED Lighting Brightens Supermarket Freezers

Argonne Researchers Trap Atoms of Radium in a Magneto-Optical Trap

Lasers Allow Scientists to Test Gene Function in Butterfly Wings

Laser-Based Item Monitoring System Offers Alternative to Video Surveillance

New Sodium Laser for Astronomers

Oak Ridge Wins Six R&D 100 Awards

Creation of Joint Quantum Institute

Innovations in Optics-Based Communications

University of Arkansas Develop Probe for Future Planetary Rovers

New, Nanoparticle-Based Multi-Probe Systems for New Generation of Medical Imaging

High Resolution 4Pi Microscopy Reaches the Nucleus

Ultralight, Handheld Terahertz Spectrometer

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