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Techwell's TW8811 Advanced LCD Display Processor Now Mass Production With Rosen Aviation

Techwell, Inc. (Nasdaq:TWLL), a leading designer of mixed signal video semiconductor solutions for the security surveillance, automotive, and consumer electronics markets, today announced that Rosen Aviation, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of flat panel display and mounting systems for the aviation industry, has designed Techwell's highly integrated multi-purpose LCD TFT flat panel controller into its new 7" LCD displays supporting WVGA resolution and 10.4" LCD displays supporting XGA resolution for in-flight entertainment systems available now.

"We needed a solution that combined excellent video processing and high system integration to lower BOM cost. Techwell's TW88xx product line offered us the solutions that are a perfect match for our needs and enabled our new 7" and 10.4" LCD displays," stated Jeff Unger, Vice-President of Engineering at Rosen Aviation. "Techwell's TW8811 offers excellent video performance through an advanced 3D video decoder, scalability and flexibility with the support of multiple inputs including analog and digital signals. Its' ability to create customized vivid GUI (Graphical User Interface) through bit-mapped OSD is critical to our applications. These key features will redefine and create consistency across our personal display line of In-flight entertainment LCD displays and we look forward to continuing to work with them."

The TW8811 is a highly integrated multi-purpose LCD TFT flat panel controller with NTSC/PAL/SECAM 3D video decoder and a 2D De-interlacer/Scaler targeting Automotive Infotainment and Consumer applications. Through multiple input ports, TW8811 can directly display video and graphic content from a variety of devices including TV Tuners, DVD players, back-up cameras, DTV/DMB receivers and navigation/GPS receivers. Supporting a wide range of inputs including Composite video (CVBS), S-Video, Analog RGB (Component Video), PC and digital video inputs up to 24 bits, the TW8811 provides flexibility and scalability for customer's future platforms. In addition, the product integrates several features that reduce the BOM cost including LCD display back-light controllers.

"Rosen Aviation is clearly at the forefront of manufacturing application-specific systems for the aviation industry and we are very pleased to have been selected by such an innovative flat panel display company," said David Nam, Techwell's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our TW8811 will enable high quality video performance in Rosen Aviation's latest products, which are expected to significantly enhance consumers' in-flight entertainment experiences. We look forward to continuing to provide them with superior support and next generation products."

Rosen Aviation went Mass Production (MP) with Techwell's TW8811 in early Q2, 2008. Rosen Aviation's 7" LCD display system will enable several in-flight video applications including Satellite TV, on-board cameras and DVD playback. In addition, its 10.4" LCD display system will not only support in-flight video applications but also allow passengers to connect their laptop throughout the cabin enabling viewing capability of moving map systems during the course of the flight. The 7" wide screen and 10.4" displays provide higher resolution, clarity, and contrast than their predecessors. Through the bit-map OSD, these latest products offer superior GUI than previous generations. Each display has a smaller profile and is significantly lighter than previous versions. These new entertainment systems are available now.

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