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DiCon Fiberoptics Introduces Compact MEMS Tunable Optical Bandpass Filter

DiCon Fiberoptics has introduced a third-generation, compact 50 GHz MEMS Tunable Optical Bandpass Filter. The new filter is 40% smaller when compared to earlier versions without but does not compromise on the performance.

DiCon Fiberoptics' smaller size 50 GHz MEMS Tunable Optical Bandpass Filter

The MEMS Tunable Optical Bandpass Filter comes with quick regulation speed and numerous bandwidth choices. These features make it suitable for any kind of applications that demand wavelength regulation. The filter’s MEMS technology platform gives it the same reliability as other DiCon products including the MEMS 1xN Optical Switch and the MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator.

The Tunable Optical Bandpass Filter can be tuned within the L or C band and can be augmented for a 100 or 50 GHz channel plan. The filter’s channel parking and continuous scan functionalities enable it to be used in a broad range of optical filter applications.

The MEMS Optical Tunable Bandpass Filter’s smaller size and durability makes it suitable for defense avionic systems and military. It can also be used as an optical spectrum analyzer for test and measurement, an optical channel monitor for DWDM systems or as a tunable demultiplexer at a ROADM node.


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