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Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Details recent advances in fiber optic sensor technology
  • Covers new application opportunities with great potential for minimally invasive medical treatment
  • Examines the effect of external and environmental factors on fiber optic sensor performance
  • Examines a wide range of topics in fiber optic sensors that can be applied to medical, defense, and aerospace applications as well as telecommunications
  • Discusses gyroscope sensors and their use in GPS

The need for both intrinsic and extrinsic fiber optic sensor technologies continues to grow. To meet the demands of this fast expanding applications-driven market, Fiber Optic Sensors, Second Edition presents both the latest advances in fiber optic sensor technology, such as the application of photonic crystal fibers to fiber optic gyroscopes, and recent application opportunities, including the use of fiber optic sensors as a minimally invasive medical treatment.

The new edition of this seminal work highlights the development of fiber optic sensors, while providing an overview of current methods for the construction of high-speed and high-capacity fiber optic systems. Two new chapters cover topics such as femtosecond laser illumination inscription and the growing application sector of fiber optic chemical and biological sensors.

Adding significant new material, the book continues to provide a progressive history of each sensor type as well as basic principles and fundamental building blocks for practical applications in the electrical aerospace, defense and manufacturing, smart structure, undersea surveillance, medical, and gas and oil industries.

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