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Given Imaging’s Study on Manipulation of PillCam Video Capsule

Given Imaging announced that the June edition of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy journal features the study on a PillCam Video capsule’s remote magnetic manipulation in human. The study has affirmed the ability of the PillCam capsule endoscope to be magnetically maneuvered.

Dr. Paul Swain of Imperial College, London led the study, which was sponsored by Given Imaging’s NEMO (nano-based capsule endoscopy with molecular imaging and optical biopsy) consortium. The study was targeted to analyze the efficiency of remote magnetic manipulation in the stomach and esophagus. The analysis was done by concurrently recording the positions of the capsule, and movement of the external magnet.

The PillCam COLON capsule was modified by the researchers to add rare earth magnetic materials, and to place a thermal switch instead of magnetic switch. The company’s RAPID RealTime viewer captured the images of the capsule, while an external magnet was used to remotely operate the capsule. A video gastroscope was also used to monitor the capsule in the stomach and esophagus.

Dr. Paul Swain said the study revealed that the capsule could be maneuvered in humans, and the procedure is painless. He further commented that the remote manipulation might enhance the diagnostic accuracy, and it is necessary for further development of video capsule-enabled, remote controlled therapy

The examination was performed by Paul Swain and Richard I. Rothstein of the Imperial College in the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, New Hampshire.


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