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Gemalto Introduces New Series of Laser Personalized Security Innovations

New range of laser-personalized security features has been launched by Gemalto. These features are used to provide more protection to official identity documents. The new security features are offered as optional with the Gemalto Sealys identity products.

The laser-personalized security solutions can be used on document’s polycarbonate card body. Such documents may include ID cards, driver’s license, and voting cards. The highly complex technology has been developed to counter fraudulences, offering an easy way for the officials to check credibility of the cards.

Sealys Edge Sealer is a distinct laser engraving mechanism that is used at the personalization stage. Card holder’s personal information such as ID number or name is laser-etched along the edge of the document. The improved Changeable Laser Image (CLI) from Sealys allows three fields of information to be engraved in the document. The information varies when the document is read in different angles. The semi-transparent window, Sealys CoreMark is present within the polycarbonate body of the card. This window utilizes sophisticated laser engraving mechanisms that allows deeper markings on the card and gives a watermark effect.

Senior VP of Government Programs at Gemalto, Frédéric Trojani, stated that their proficiency in the domain allowed them to deliver the best tools against forgery that are user-friendly for citizens, as well as security civil servants.


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