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Sharp Enters the U.S. Market by Launching New LED PAR38 and PAR30 Lamps

Sharp enters the U.S. LED lighting market with the introduction of LED PAR38 and PAR30 lamps for the commercial and industrial markets.

The four new PAR38 LED lamps (models DL-L20P3830A and DL-L16P3830A in warm white, and DL-L20P3840A and DL-L16P3840A in cool white) and three new PAR30 LED lamps (models DL-L12P3030A and DL-L12P3L30A in warm white, and DL-L12P3040A in cool white) provide high-quality light in an eco-friendly form, ensuring customers long-lasting durability for traditional downlight applications.

LED Lamps

With a variety of brightness and color temperatures, Sharp offers consumers ideal options for their retrofits or new construction. The PAR38 lamps will be available in two brightness levels in each color temperature, as well as three smaller PAR30 lamps in warm and cool white. These beam-controlled lamps are designed for display, retail, gallery, hospitality, office and general lighting applications where high-quality light is necessary.

"This is our first entry into the U.S. LED market and we are confident that our 40-year history in LED applications and success with LED lighting in Japan, will contribute to a premium product for our customers," said Christine Lewis, associate vice president, LED Lighting, Sharp Electronics Corporation. "These lamps boast high light intensity and lumen levels. Combined with superior eco-efficient benefits, they are sure to satisfy our most discerning customers with beautiful light and energy savings."

High-Quality Light

Sharp's LED PAR38 and PAR30 lamps provide high brightness, excellent color rendering and well-designed beam control. The PAR38 lamps are available in some of the highest lumen levels in the industry at 900 lumens, comparable to a traditional 90-watt halogen lamp, and 720 lumens, replacing a 75-watt halogen lamp. The actual wattages are 20- and 16-watts, which result in an efficacy of 45 lumens per watt. The smaller PAR30 lamps offer 600 lumens, comparable to a traditional 50-watt halogen lamp, with 12-watts for an efficacy of 50 lumens per watt.

Sharp's LED PAR38 lamp has an excellent color rendering index of 85, ensuring colors remain true to life under the spotlight. A controlled 25-degree beam angle ensures maximum, directional illumination. The PAR38 and PAR30 lamps are available in both cool white at 4000K and warm white at 3000K.

Additionally, customers can be assured that objects being illuminated are safe from ultraviolet and infrared rays, and they generate very low heat levels.


LED lamps provide one of the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly forms of lighting in the industry. Sharp's LED lamps are among the leaders with energy savings of up to approximately 80 percent as compared to standard halogen lamps. Each lamp is designed to last up to 40 times longer than incandescent lamps for a total 40,000 hours. This long lifetime helps reduce lamp replacement, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and waste.

All Sharp lamps are RoHS compliant and are free of toxic heavy metals such as mercury and lead.


To make the switch to LED lighting seamless, all Sharp lamps are designed to fit into standard indoor fixtures. They provide greater convenience with instant high brightness levels at the flip of a switch, as well as dimming options on select dimmers.


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