Advanced Electronic Packaging Second Edition Published

Advanced Electronic Packaging has helped thousands of students and practicing engineers understand the complex task of connecting integrated circuits and other electronic components to make virtually every electronic device, including cell phones, video games, computers and military- and medical-imaging equipment.

Edited by Richard Ulrich and Bill Brown, engineering professors at the University of Arkansas, the book has now been published in its second edition by Wiley Inc.

For seven years, Advanced Electronic Packaging has served as a popular, graduate-level textbook and the industry-standard reference manual. As in the first edition, each chapter of the second edition was authored by one or more acknowledged experts and then carefully edited to ensure a consistent approach and quality throughout the book. In addition to offering a comprehensive overview of electronic packaging, the second edition contains new chapters on passive devices, radio-frequency and microwave packaging, electronic package assembly, and cost evaluation and assembly. Organic and ceramic substrates, formerly covered within other chapters, now have their own chapters in the new edition.

“When the first edition of this text was written starting back in 1997, there was already a rich history of teaching and research in electronic packaging at the University of Arkansas,” Ulrich said. “With such a concentration of expertise in the many facets of packaging, it seemed important for us to get it onto paper. It has been an extremely useful teaching tool for us and the academic community.”

As Ulrich mentioned, the University of Arkansas has many researchers who specialize in the various facets of electronic packaging. They work in the departments of electrical, chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering, as well as chemistry, physics and microelectronics-photonics, which did not exist when the first book was published in 1999.

From the beginning, Advanced Electronic Packaging, which includes many examples and exercises, was written as a teaching text, Ulrich said. But industry leaders also have praised the book as a thorough examination of all areas of electronic packaging and an invaluable reference tool.

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