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Sweet Packaging: Detecting Packaging Flaws with EyeVision

Flawless packaging: to avoid errors, when packing sweets and also live up to Industry 4.0, a German company uses inspection systems from EVT.

To present food neat and appealing for the customer, a flawless packaging is very important. A wrapping is not only to protect the product from outside influences for example during transport. Packaging also is important to place the product on the shelfes of supermarkets.

In the concrete use case, the application was to inspect the separately in plastic foil wrapped sweets, if they are correctly shrink-wrapped. A frequently occurring error is that when stamping the perforation the sweets are accidentally sliding into the heat-sealed joint. Therefore the control through a sealed seam scanner was important.

EVT then proposed a solution with smart cameras out of the EyeCheck 1xxx series. The user can work with the EyeVision software, which runs on the camera. With the drag-and-drop function of the software, the customer could – after a brief training from EVT – create their own inspection program completely without programming skills. Due to the communication between camera and production plant, faulty plastic foil wrapped sweets can be discharged.

Additionally the user can add color inspection commands to the software and then the sweets can also be inspected if they have the right color.

After installation of the inspection system from EVT, a constantly high product quality was achieved. Also, the monitoring is in line with Industry 4.0 and a constant product quality is traceable.

Unnecessary errors could be avoided and therefore the efficiency has increased.

Michael Beising - EVT

The accuracy of the perforation and position of the sweets improved and the complete error-documentation and error data is pooled into a central hub. Also the user can see at any time, which production plant produces bad parts. For that the user does not have to visit the production hall. They can monitor all production on their PC in their office.

„Due to the stricter control, constant results can be guaranteed“, says Michael Beising.

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