New CG-5100 IMU from KVH Features Fiber Optic Gyros, MEMS Accelerometers

GPS technology is critical for many sophisticated vehicular applications like unmanned research vehicles and stabilized optics, and is typically built into the design of such vehicles.

However, many of these applications also demand precision motion-sensing capabilities and backup navigation that is dependable in dynamic conditions or when GPS is unavailable. To meet these needs, KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI) today introduced its new CG-5100 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This versatile, low-cost solution is well suited for stabilization, navigation, and autonomous vehicle applications thanks to its precision position, velocity, and attitude sensing capabilities. Through its seamless integration of two reliable navigation components – highly accurate KVH fiber optic gyros (FOGs) and industry-proven MEMS accelerometers – the CG-5100 offers a groundbreaking low-cost, small form factor solution for inertial measurement within a single, compact enclosure.

"The CG-5100's affordability makes precision motion sensing, navigation, and GPS augmentation available to an incredibly broad array of commercial applications," explains Jay Napoli, KVH's vice president for FOG/OEM sales. "Its components are packaged together for flexible installation in situations where space is at a premium. The CG-5100 is the perfect solution for unmanned ground, aerial, and underwater vehicles that will rely on its capabilities as a high-quality sensor as well as a reliable backup for when GPS is interrupted or unavailable."

KVH's CG-5100 is a low drift, solid state, FOG-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution ideally suited for critical sensing applications and GPS-integrated navigation programs. This strap-down inertial subsystem offers outstanding reliability and accurate 6-degrees-of-freedom measurement. The CG-5100 achieves its excellent performance by employing proprietary algorithms to a fully combined digital gyro and accelerometer output, enabling the system to characterize and correct for the effects of temperature and misalignment. It also offers the end user a convenient and easy-to-adapt output in a fully digital, user-selectable RS-232/RS-422 format.

The CG-5100 is KVH's second commercial single-enclosure measurement and navigation solution. For applications that need both GPS and FOG-based IMU capabilities, the CNS-5000 GPS/IMU is a perfect choice. The CNS-5000 combines a FOG-based IMU with NovAtel's OEMV3 precision GPS receiver technology to optimize raw data and provide a highly reliable position, velocity, and attitude solution for applications like seaport management, surveying, and precision agriculture.


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