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SOLAIR 3100 and 5100 Laser Particle Counters from Particle + Surface Sciences

Particle & Surface Sciences has introduced new SOLAIR 5100 and SOLAIR 3100 laser particle counters featuring advanced optical particle counting technology. The handheld particle counters are developed by Lighthouse, who manufactures environmental instruments, water instruments, and liquid and airborne particle counters, among others.

Handheld laser particle counter

The laser particle counter has a touch screen interface that can be read easily. The 14.47 cm interface assures convenient configuration and operation of the particle counters. The devices can store information from four environmental sensors and can store particle count information from six channels.

The SOLAIR 5100 provides 0.5 micron sensitivity, while the SOLAIR 3100 offers 0.3 micron sensitivity. The devices provide 1.0 CFM flow rate and a range of up to 25 microns.

The data accumulated by the particle counter can be printed to thermal printers or downloaded to a PC. The particle counters comply with the JIS standards and can be used either as portable devices or can be combined with a bigger management and monitoring system.


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