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Sharp LCD-46E66A LCD TV: 7,880 yuan

In terms of performance, this Sharp 46E66A has 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, and is worth looking at in terms of the display quality, while the contrast and colour reproduction also have a good performance. The 1080/24P technology, which is able to play the film speed can bring a true cinematic feeling for the audience.

In appearance, this Sharp 46-inch LCD TV is highlighted with a stylish black design, and the circular base has improved the vitality of this TV. Generally, Sharp gives people a steady and elegant feeling.

The Sharp 46E66A LCD TV's interface provides a HDMI port, AV port, VGA interface and composite, component interfaces, but also enhances the image quality to meet the need for daily use.

Frbiz comments that the Sharp 46E66A LCD TV follows Sharp's usual high- quality screen display technology, though there is a change from their more traditional design. A reasonable price of 7,880 yuan makes this a very valuable buy.

Sony KDL-46V4800 LCD TV: 7,699 yuan

In performance, the V4800 series uses all of its 1920 x 1080 full HD LCD panel, and for the first time uses Motionflow 100Hz double speed drive technology. The intelligent screen helps achieve a double-speed refresh rate that helps reduce blurring, bringing even more outstanding images to fast moving objects, like athletes.

In terms of interface, in addition to possessing a V440 Series 3-way HDMI interface, one way computer interface, audio input, and other audio and video input interface, there is also an increased net line interface (LAN) and USB interface, so you can watch video and pictures through a USB port, further enhancing the home entertainment experience.

Frbiz comments that with the V4800 series of products, Sony has, for the first time, used Motionflow 100Hz double speed drive technology. With its reducing blurring, image quality has improved. The Motionflow 100Hz double speed drive technology applications in the V4800 series definitely improve on previous product performance upgrades.

Konka LC46TS86N LCD TV: 7,499 yuan

The Konka LC46TS86N carries a 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD panel, and is also equipped with two groups HDMI interfaces, 2 USB interfaces, a group of network interfaces, three groups of AV input interfaces, a group of VGA interfaces, and a group of headphone jacks, etc, which is definitely enough to meet daily household needs.

Frbiz comments that as a new Internet TV, the Konka LC46TS86N has an excellent Internet connection, which not only can download broadcast files and content on the network, but also can allows for external mobile hard disk full HD format video playback.


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