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Details Launches Eyesite Flat Panel Monitor Arm for Flat Panel Displays

Details, a Steelcase company, announced today the availability of Eyesite(TM), an innovative flat panel monitor arm that supports single and multiple flat panel displays.

Eyesite was developed based on extensive research over two years. Details worked with IDEO, a global design and innovation consulting firm, to conduct user interviews and observational research aimed at determining the needs of both active and passive computer users.

Active users frequently need to manipulate on-screen data and are found in work environments such as data entry, computer coding, and graphic design. Passive users, on the other hand, simply monitor data and are found in environments like control rooms, production studios, and healthcare settings.

In active environments, Eyesite allows users to align multiple displays on a single plane and articulate them vertically and focally as one unit. In passive environments, multiple monitors can be arranged to create a wraparound cockpit effect that makes it easy to monitor data at a glance.

"Our research found that users want the flexibility to add additional displays off a single flat panel architecture," says Ken Suttorp, a Details product manager. "This ability to support changing technology is smart design - both for our customers and the environment."

Eyesite supports up to three monitors from a single arm.

Research indicates that office workers can increase efficiency by up to 50 percent through the use of multiple flat panel displays, which provide instant access to work without having to toggle between windows.

Eyesite key product feature is its scalability - users can easily add monitors to the existing arm as their needs change without having to dispose of an existing flat panel support arm or adding more arms. Eyesite provides unparalleled flexibility to adapt to changing technology giving the product significant longevity.

Other key features of the Eyesite flat panel monitor arm include:

  • Feather touch tilt. The tilt-adjustment feature permits effortless, incremental monitor positioning while maintaining the desired screen alignment - no need to tug on the screen with both hands. The benefit - instead of having the screen remaining in a static and misaligned position, the user will actually move it into the proper position since it's so easy to move.
  • Folds flat. The Eyesite monitor arm folds nearly flat, allowing users to push it out of the way against a panel or wall to reclaim worksurface when desired. The benefit - with decreasing size of office and desk space, Eyesite enables the user to free up valuable work space as needed.
  • Easy installation. Eyesite clamps onto any worksurface - typically in less time than it takes to remove it from the box. Setting it up the first time - or moving it when it's time to reconfigure - is a snap. The benefit - rapid installation reduces the time and cost required for installation.
  • Functional focal adjustment. Eyesite's "movement as one" feature permits users to move all monitors attached to the arm simultaneously - in or out, up or down. Adjust the vertical position of the monitor arm, and all attached monitors adjust vertically as one. Adjust the arm closer or further, and the focal distance of all attached monitors changes in unison. The benefit - as notably, the monitors maintain their alignment, one to another, throughout the adjustability range to help alleviate eyestrain and neck strain.

Many Eyesite features - multiple monitors, the simultaneous adjustment of adjacent monitors, and the cockpit effect - work together to minimize eyestrain which is one of the most significant repetitive stress injuries among knowledge workers.

"No other flat panel arm in the marketplace offers the expansion capabilities or easy-adjustment features of Eyesite," says Suttorp. "It addresses myriad concerns of office workers, including issues involving adjustment, installation, eyestrain, and workspace."

The Eyesite monitor arm supports displays up to 24 inches in either 16:9 or 4:3 formats. The product is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), maintaining Details' commitment to environmentally sustainable design.

Previewed in June during NeoCon 2009, Eyesite is now available for order. Price is based on configuration and ranges from $340-$1,100

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