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Smartlipo - Lunch Hour Liposuction Treatment

Dr. John Bergeron of the Skin & Vein Laser Center is proud to be one of the first doctors in the country trained and certified in the "Smartlipo?quot; procedure and also one of the first to bring the innovative treatment hailed the "lunch hour lipo" in the cosmetic industry to the Houston area.

Smartlipo? which is the latest advancement in liposuction and the first laser lipolysis, is also among the first minimally invasive procedures a Houston company has offered in the removal of fat. With this new technology, the Skin & Vein Laser Center is able to use a laser to liquefy excess fat on the face, legs, neck, waist, stomach, arms, and breasts. The liquid is then drained. In addition to melting fat, the process coagulates and tightens the tissue and induces collagen production.

"We are very excited to be able to offer this innovative new process to our clients. Usually in less than an hour per area, we are able to remove unwanted fat in the comfort of our office under local anesthesia - resulting in almost no scarring and down time," said Dr. John Bergeron founder of Skin & Vein Laser Center.

"The perfect candidate for Smartlipo?is someone who has stubborn areas that have not responded to diet and exercise, despite the hardest efforts. It is not intended to be an alternative to weight control. It is important for the patient to be in good health and have an active lifestyle," added Dr. Bergeron.

The staff of the Skin & Vein Laser Center explained that the advantage of Smartlipo?over traditional liposuction is the reduction of loose skin following the procedure. While some patients require an additional surgery following traditional liposuction, in order to tighten or remove loose skin, the Skin & Vein Laser Center utilizes laser technology to remove fat while tightening the overlying skin in the process.

Renowned in the cosmetic industry, Dr. Bergeron provides many facial and body-enhancing procedures such as Lipodissolve, Laser Hair Removal, Botox?and Restylane?Injections, Radiesse?and Mesotherapy. The professionals of the Skin & Vein Laser Center underscored their commitment to the importance of staying educated on the latest equipment and technology, in order to offer the highest quality services and accommodate their clients' changing needs.

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