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Michelson Diagnostics Announces the Launch of 'VivoSight' Multi-Beam OCT Scanner

Michelson Diagnostics Limited (MDL), the UK manufacturer of Multi-Beam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanners, is pleased to formally announce the launch of its 'VivoSight' Multi-Beam OCT scanner. The scanner uses the high resolution capability of the company's proprietary Multi-Beam OCT technology, to provide state-of-the art images of skin and other surface tissue through the use of a compact, ergonomically designed hand-held probe.

VivoSight being used to inspect sub-surface skin on arm

The probe is designed for use on external tissue, such as for imaging skin microstructure, with an isotropic resolution of better than 10 µm to a depth of up to 2 mm. Scan rates vary from 6.5 fps to 35 fps depending on the scan width, which, in turn, can be varied up to 5 mm. The probe has full x-y scanning capability enabling rapid capture of 3D TIFF format image stacks up to 5 mm x 5 mm, with a pixel size of 4 µm. A specially designed adjustable stand-off enables image capture from awkward locations without subject discomfort. The software is designed to be quick and easy to understand and use, and does not require an in-depth understanding of OCT.

In the USA, the scanner is currently only available for non-clinical applications (a 510(k) application is planned), but in Europe, clinical orders are now being taken.

Michelson Diagnostics is leading the way in applying Multi-Beam OCT to the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer, particularly dermal and oral cancer. MDL is working closely with leading clinicians, who believe that Multi-Beam OCT, by providing a new, detailed window into the body, will accelerate the care of cancer, enabling faster, more accurate treatment that will save lives and produce substantial cost savings to the medical services (clinical trials are under way). It provides double the lateral image resolution of conventional single-beam OCT which is crucial to providing crisp, clear images of the subject matter micro-structure.

For further details about OCT and Michelson Diagnostics, please visit the MDL web site - Alternatively, you may email your questions to [email protected]

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