Moritex Halogen Light Sources Adaptable to Almost Any Vision Related Application

The Moritex MH range of Halogen lamp light sources provide the perfect light source for image processing applications because of their high output intensity, long operational life and excellent reliability. Designed to provide high power illumination (400 to 750nm) through a flexible light guide - Moritex Halogen light sources are adaptable to almost any vision related application.

Available in a choice of 50W, 100W and 150W units, Moritex's Halogen light sources employ a proprietary operating cycle to provide a stable output (+/- 1%) at a higher colour temperature (>3000K) and over a longer life span (500-2000 hours) than incandescent bulbs.

Compact in design, MH range light sources may be manually controlled or remotely operated by analogue or digital signals. Each Halogen lamp light source offers a range of optional features to maximise operational safety, performance and reliability. By monitoring rush currents, lamp abnormalities and high lamp temperature operators get reliable, stable light every time. Designed for safety and reliability the light sources are also highly resistant to heat shock. All the halogen lamp light sources are CE marked, RoHS compliant and offer the operational flexibility of universal input voltage (100-240V, 50/60 Hz).

Moritex is a leading supplier of high performance light sources for vision systems manufacturers and customers undertaking image processing applications worldwide.

For further information on Halogen lamp light sources please contact Moritex at email [email protected] or by telephone on +49-89-56-82-6880 or +44-1223-301148.

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