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Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat Now Equipped with Silver Coating AgProtect

When sectioning frozen tissue samples in routine histology and clinical pathology the operator faces increasing health and safety risks.

Leica CM1850 UV

The new Leica CM1850 UV is the first cryostat provided with a silver surface coating on the outside surface of the instrument. The patented antibacterial silver coating AgProtect efficiently reduces the propagation of infectious agents constantly and without operator interaction. Silver (Ag) ions are well documented for their ability to reduce bacterial growth.

In combination with the use of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks and safety goggles) additional protection is provided in the new Leica CM1850 UV by use of UVC disinfection. The entire cryochamber can be rapidly and effectively disinfected with ultra violet (UVC) light at any time without warming or defrosting. The efficiency of UVC rays for surface disinfection in the Leica CM1850 UV cryostat has been proven and certified by an independent laboratory. Furthermore, smooth surfaces inside the cryochamber allow easy, rapid and safe chemical spray disinfection with commercial spray disinfectants.

The splash-proof microtome is protected by a slot cover to prevent infectious materials from entering the microtome housing. When working with the new Leica CM1850 UV with AgProtect, risks for the laboratory personnel dealing with potentially infectious materials are significantly reduced.

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