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TeraXion Completes Qualification of its Frequency Stabilized Laser

TeraXion Inc. , a technology leader in performance-defining OEM products for the generation and conditioning of light signals in mission-critical applications of Defense & Aerospace, Telecom and Industrial markets, announced that it successfully completed the qualification of its high performance Frequency Stabilized Laser.

This qualification follows the design and the development of a high performance laser metrology source for a space borne spectrometer . This project, in partnership with ABB Analytical Business Unit , a supplier of FTIR solutions for analytical and remote sensing markets, was accomplished within the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Space Technology Development Program (STDP) . “TeraXion was able to bring this high end technology platform to a state-of-the-art reliability level” said Ghislain Lafrance, Vice President Defense and Aerospace at TeraXion .

This laser module will be used within ABB Analytical earth observation spectrometer to provide an unsurpassed frequency calibration source. Its novelty comes from the fact that it uses an innovative absolute frequency calibration procedure applied to high coherence and narrow linewidth semiconductor lasers. The technology enhances the precision and the absolute accuracy of the laser frequency. Such performance is critical in next generation space metrology applications, such as FTIR Spectrometers and calibration of space borne instrumentation.

The reliability demonstration of this technology paves the way to many applications in need of a reliable high performance laser source. The availability of high power semiconductor lasers combined with TeraXion's technology allow replacement of solid state lasers and fiber lasers in applications where reliability is an issue.

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