Optical Filters for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry allows scientists to measure physical and chemical characteristics of a particular sample of cells. Typically a sample of cells is suspended in a solution which is then introduced into the flow cytometer. These cells subsequently are set to flow individually through the instrument and into the path of an incident laser.

The light would subsequently produce a scatter pattern which is indicative of the cell and its intracellular constituents. Flow cytometry allows for thousands of cells to be examined in quick succession, thus saving scientists significant time and resources.

Typically flow cytometry is used as part of a health check to diagnose various conditions such as cancers. They can also be used to count and sort cells.

LASER COMPONENTS can provide a range of precision filters which aid in the detection of front and side scatter. These typically include a range of emission filters and dichroic mirrors used to help propagate the scattered excitation light and fluorescence emission through the system and into into the detectors.

In multichannel systems up to 20 fluorophores may be present. It is important to minimise cross talk between channels whilst maintaining strong fluorescence signals of the desired fluorophore. We provide bandpass filters with sharp cut-on and cut-off wavelengths ensuring high transmissions with minimum cross channel talk. Coupled with dichroic filters that have reduced sensitivity to polarisation and optimised steep transition edges for the ultimate separation of closely packed fluorophores, we offer the complete filter solution for flow cytometry applications.

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