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System Designed for Photometry of Microscopic Samples in Mineralogy and Cytophotometry

CRAIC Technologies, Inc, the global leader in application-focused microanalysis solutions, announces the launch of the new QDI MP1(TM) microscope photometer. The QDI MP1(TM) is an all solid state system designed for photometry of microscopic samples in such fields as mineralogy and cytophotometry. This rugged instrument is can measure the reflectance, transmittance or fluorescence photometric values rapidly and accurately.

“The QDI MP1(TM) microscope photometer is designed for photometric analysis of samples in such diverse fields as biology and geology. The system is capable of analyzing microscopic samples by reflectance or transmittance photometry in addition to measuring emitted light. The QDI MP1(TM) represents the next generation of micro photometric instrumentation in that it delivers accurate results quickly, accurately and is very easy to use,” said Dr. Jumi Lee, Vice President, CRAIC Technologies, Inc. She added, “The QDI MP1(TM) offers scientists the flexibility, sensitivity and accuracy they need to analyze even the most demanding microscopic samples.”

With its advanced design, the QDI MP1(TM) microscope photometer includes a sensitive detector that can operate in the UV, visible and NIR regions, a digital imaging system to simultaneously image the sample and the measurement aperture. It is run by highly advanced software which controls every aspect of the instrument from basic integration times to the bandwidth to be measured. The system is fully flexible and offers a number of upgrade paths that include full range spectroscopy, thermoelectric cooling to increase long term stability, ultra-high resolution imaging, advanced spectral analysis, NIST traceable standards and even full automation.

“With the addition of the QDI MP1(TM) system, CRAIC Technologies has expanded its suite of high-performance instruments to support advanced scientific research,” Lee said.

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