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Marktech Optoelectronics Offers Hard-to-Find Extended Wavelength Emitters

The market for short wavelength infrared (SWIR) devices is growing rapidly as the variety of applications grows. For example, SWIR can be used in biofluorescence and blood chemistry analysis in a medical setting. It is also used for night vision technology, security equipment, anti-counterfeiting currency validation, fiber optics, produce inspection systems, and more.

Solutions for your SWIR Application

Marktech Optoelectronics, a Latham, New York-based is one of only a handful of manufacturers that supply emitters in the extended wavelength or SWIR range. Marktech’s standard product offering includes both through-hole and surface mount packages with wavelengths from 1050nm to 1720nm and operating currents ranging from 20mA to 350mA for high-power applications. Higher wavelength ranges up to 3000nm are available in specific package types.

The Marktech extended wavelength standard SWIR package offerings include:

  • TO-46 flat
  • TO-46 lens
  • SMD 1206
  • SMD 1206 Lens
  • SMD high-power black

These SWIR emitters complement Marktech’s other emitter products, ranging from deep UV 280nm to 1720nm shortwave infrared.  Visit to order Marktech's standard SWIR emitters.

Custom SWIR Options

In addition, Marktech offers cost-effective custom design, packaging, and hybridization of all of their LEDs.

“If you require above 3000nm, which is more in the MWIR [mid-wavelength infrared] range, Marktech has a team of experienced engineers who are happy to work with you to develop a custom wafer or die that meets your specific application needs,” notes Vincent Forte, CTO of Marktech Optoelectronics.

Learn more about Marktech's custom design and test services.

Specialized Detectors for SWIR

The SWIR wavelength range requires specialized optical detectors as standard silicon detectors have a maximum sensitivity limit of approximately 1100nm. Marktech produces a line of InGaAs detectors that are optimized for sensing light in the SWIR wavelength range. These detectors can be obtained as an individual, discrete component, or they can be combined with a silicon sensor to cover the complete spectrum of light from the visible to the SWIR range. Marktech also offers the option to custom-produce multi-element devices with emitter and detector chips in the same package.

The Marktech lineup of detectors includes a large assortment of products ranging from 280nm to 2.6um including specialty photodetectors (GaP Schottky), silicon photo transistors, InGaAs PIN photodiodes, silicon Avalanche photodiodes, and standard silicon photodiodes.

View Marktech's Product Selector Guide to learn more about their emitter and detector products.


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