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Orion Energy Systems Adds Two LED Linear Strip Products to HARRIS Class Product Line

Orion Energy Systems, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance, energy-efficient retrofit lighting platforms, has added two LED linear strip products to its popular HARRIS Class product line. The new LED Linear Strip | SFHC and LED Strip Retrofit | SFHR are ideal for manufacturing, distribution, warehouse and retail settings. The series is designed for new construction, renovations, a one-for-one replacement or a quick retrofit from traditional fluorescent linear fixtures. The energy savings to Orion customers who upgrade from fluorescent linear strip fixtures to the Harris Linear Strip or Retrofit Fixture can be as much as 75 percent.

Harris Class LED Linear Strip Fixture (Photo: Business Wire)

In alignment with Orion’s reputation as a thought leader in cost-saving fixture design, the HARRIS Linear Strip and Retrofit Fixture is easy to install by one person, potentially reducing labor costs by up to 50 percent when compared to most fixtures on the market today that require two people for installation. The series is engineered using the most efficient and latest LED technology that peaks industry performance in its class at up to 138 lumens per watt (LPW), a 38 percent increase over the average LED linear strip in the market today. The LED Linear Strip and Retrofit series is designed for worry free maintenance up to fifteen years and has a rated life of 100,000 hours, which is twice as long as competing fixtures.

Because of its high performance qualities and basic construction and features, Orion’s entire Harris Class product line is designed for customers whose foremost objective is to decrease energy costs and improve light levels with the lowest upfront costs and fastest return on investment. “Every detail of the Harris Class product line is designed with lowering upfront costs in mind,” said Scott Green, executive vice president at Orion. “Because installation costs are a significant part of the initial investment in an LED lighting system or retrofit project, we wanted a design that could be easily hung by one person, which means that a typical two-man crew can install Orion’s LED strip fixtures in half the time as a two-man crew installing other brands on the market. That’s significant time and money when you consider a 100 or more fixture install.”

Orion’s continually evolving customer base, including distributors and contractors, will find the single packaging option convenient for site verification or single fixture orders. The job pack option reduces jobsite waste by shipping the product in kits that are labeled and staged by install order and facility layout. The same unique custom packaging can be reused for securely packing and shipping existing fixtures for recycling.

Orion’s new HARRIS Class LED Linear Strip and Retrofit series positions Orion for accelerated demand expected in the linear fixture market. According to the Energy Savings Forecast of Solid-State Lighting in General Illumination Applications report published in September 2016 by the Department of Energy, the percentage of linear fluorescent fixtures expected to be replaced by LED linear fixtures will increase from 3 percent in the commercial sector and 8 percent in the industrial sector to 17 percent and 30 percent respectively by 2020 and 73 percent and 78 percent by 2030.

The Harris LED Linear Strip and Retrofit series is manufactured in Wisconsin and Buy American Compliant. Orion offers the fastest lead times in the industry, meaning customers start saving money faster by reducing energy consumption sooner.


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