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SYLVANIA Socket Survey Reveals Upswing of LED Lighting Adoption among North American Customers

The eighth annual SYLVANIA Socket Survey, a nationwide measure of public attitudes about energy-efficient lighting and awareness of lighting trends, was released today by LEDVANCE.

SYLVANIA Socket Survey Shows Rise of Smart Lighting (Graphic: Business Wire)

The industry-benchmark survey found lighting to be one of the top forms of smart technology Americans own, with a 40 percent increase since 2015. The results also showed more than 60 percent of Americans believe smart lighting fits their lifestyle, and 55 percent confirmed they’re likely to purchase smart lighting when they need new bulbs. The survey also showed 76 percent of Americans agree smart light bulbs will eventually replace regular light bulbs. “The LED revolution is changing not only how we light buildings and homes, but what light can do for us overall. Lighting is more than just illumination. Now we have smart connected devices that not only save energy, but also can evoke emotions, make our lives easier, and ultimately help create a better quality of life,” said Jes Munk Hansen, CEO, LEDVANCE.

Starting this month, LEDVANCE LLC has begun independent business operations and will predominately offer SYLVANIA branded products to North American customers. The SYLVANIA brand has been trusted by consumers and businesses for over a century and will continue to deliver high quality light into the future. The SYLVANIA lighting portfolio offered by LEDVANCE in North America covers traditional and modern LED lighting, standardized over-the-counter luminaires, and connected and intelligent lighting solutions for smart applications.

“We are bringing the future of smart connected lighting to consumers and businesses now,” said Aaron Ganick, head of Smart Home Americas, LEDVANCE. “Our research shows that smart connected lighting adoption will continue to rise, and our focus is on developing the next generation of lighting and accessories to meet this demand. In addition, we believe that interoperability through the use of open standards will also aid in more people benefiting from this technology, which is why partnering with other leaders in this space is a major focus for us.”

The SYLVANIA Socket Survey also revealed an upswing of LED lighting adoption as it continues to gain popularity, with nearly 70 percent of Americans having purchased at least one LED bulb. 48 percent have purchased at least one LED bulb in the last 12 months, a 17 percent increase over last year. According to the survey, 38 percent of consumers have switched to LEDs since the phase-out of incandescents, making LEDs the number one replacement option for Americans. This is a 27 percent increase compared to last year.

“We believe in delivering the right SYLVANIA light for the right application by providing both traditional and LED lighting solutions, in addition to making the smart home more of a reality,” said Pamela Price, retail marketing manager, LEDVANCE. “Our SYLVANIA Socket Survey findings show more people are turning to long-life, energy-efficient LED products, and in turn, saving energy and resources and helping to preserve our planet.”

Additional findings of the 2016 SYLVANIA Socket Survey include:

  • 65 percent of consumers have heard of smart lighting, placing it in the top tier of smart technologies along with thermostats (68 percent), and house alarms (66 percent).
  • 80 percent of Americans say there is some space in the home that could benefit from smart lighting
  • Those more likely to purchase smart lighting include Americans who:
  • get lighting information from the Internet (68 percent),
  • already own LEDs (61 percent),
  • earn more than $100,000 (64 percent),
  • or are under the age of 35 (63 percent).


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