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'Tis the Season for Brighter Living Solutions

Today, lighting innovator OSRAM SYLVANIA debuted the newest products in its extensive lighting portfolio with the help of actress Kelly Rutherford, star of the hit TV-show, "Gossip Girl." Rutherford unveiled SYLVANIA Living Spaces(TM), the brand's next generation of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) with instant-on, warm light and a new line of LED innovations designed to take light beyond the socket. The launch, held at a private New York residence, exemplified SYLVANIA's continued commitment to re-defining the industry while meeting consumer lighting needs for bright ideas and energy-efficient solutions.

Not Your Ordinary CFLs

The SYLVANIA Living Spaces collection(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price $13.00- 15.00 depending on wattage) is the next evolution of CFL technology, designed to be both energy-efficient and meet consumer demands for high-quality light in the home.

While consumers often use CFLs in the basement, attic or garage, SYLVANIA Living Spaces' new and industry-exclusive phosphor blend is designed specifically for family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms consumers actually live in. With unique enhanced phosphors, Living Spaces micro-mini Twist CFLs, the smallest on the market, provide warm light that enhances colors and skin tones. Suitable for use in sconces, table lamps and even decorative fixtures, the collection demonstrates that light quality and energy-efficiency can co-exist beautifully.

"SYLVANIA has made it easy for consumers to make eco-friendly lighting decisions with its new Living Spaces collection - I've put them everywhere in my new house and we love the instant-on, cozy light," said Rutherford. "When we lounge in the living room or entertain in the kitchen, we feel good about being energy-efficient without having to sacrifice light quality."

Living Spaces' industry-exclusive phosphor blend is changing the way consumers view CFLs and paves the way for the The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which will phase out the sale ofinefficient light bulbs nationwide by 2014.

Sarah Eastman, OSRAM SYLVANIA product marketing manager, said, "Compact fluorescent technology is here to stay and SYLVANIA has made it a priority to create products, such as Living Spaces, that make our homes more comfortable, inviting and energy-efficient."

The SYLVANIA Living Spaces CFLs are available in 13, 20 and 23 watts (W) and are designed to replace the commonly-used 60, 75 or 100 watt incandescent light bulbs to provide the same appealing light. Living Spaces CFLs are instant-on, flicker-free and last for up to 12,000 hours (or about 11 years). The low mercury SYLVANIA Living Spaces CFLs contain less than 1.5 milligrams of mercury, compared to up to 5 milligrams in other models. Furthermore, ENERGY STAR(R) rated (only the 13W) Living Spaces CFLs can save you $47 over the life of the bulb when compared to an equivalent 60-watt incandescent.

SYLVANIA also unveiled the SYLVANIA CFL/LED night light (MSRP $11.00), a 23-watt CFL with an integrated super-efficient LED. This hybrid light bulb is the first to combine the two most efficient lighting technologies available to consumers. In CFL mode, the bulb provides as much warm light as a 100-watt incandescent, making it ideal for bedside reading. Pressing a button on the base of the bulb switches it to LED mode, with a muted night light glow that uses only 1/2-watts of electricity.

SYLVANIA rounded out its new CFL line-up with the Mini Twist CFL Dimmable (MSRP $14.00). Unlike standard CFLs, this new energy-saving bulb produces an adjustable amount of light when used with a dimmer switch. With the SYLVANIA Mini Twist CFL Dimmable, consumers can switch to a bulb that is 75 percent more efficient than an incandescent and still enjoy the versatility of dimming lamps and fixtures.

Thinking "Beyond The Socket"

Intuitive innovation is the hallmark of SYLVANIA's personal and portable lighting products that encourage consumers to look "beyond the socket" when fulfilling lighting needs. From enhancing room decor to health and wellness solutions and safety features in the home, SYLVANIA's new line of products showcase the versatility of light in unique applications.

"SYLVANIA has completely changed the way my family and I look at and use light," said Rutherford. "I love the how the ECOlight(TM) Water Powered LED Shower Light efficiently brightens a space I use every day and my son loves his SYLVANIA Rocket PalPodzzz(TM) Night Light - it helps him feel safe at night and I like knowing it that it can double as a flash light during potential power outages."

This holiday season, SYLVANIA takes light to new places to enhance your home and your life. From entertaining to safety, the exciting product introductions explore and re-define consumer lighting needs.

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