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FLIR Unveils Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc Compact Multispectral Imaging System

FLIR Systems, Inc. today announced the release of the new Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc high-definition, compact airborne electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) targeting system.

Featuring industry-leading size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-c) specifications, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc combines FLIR's latest sensor technology with precision laser designation to give light combat helicopters and similar platforms true next-generation performance.

With high-definition, multispectral imaging and precision laser designation integrated into a single compact system, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc eliminates the need to choose between system size, weight and targeting performance. Its compact design, ideal for smaller aircraft with limited ground clearance, provides a superior solution for locating, identifying and laser marking targets at maximum range.

Leveraging FLIR-designed and produced thermal and laser technologies, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc delivers significantly longer range Positive ID (PID) than previous systems of this size and weight, making it an invaluable surveillance and intelligence-gathering force multiplier. Incorporating a long-range laser designator for precision engagements, and advanced laser spot-tracking and decoding, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc is the latest innovation driven by FLIR's Commercially Developed, Military Qualified (CDMQ®) model.

"As governments look to expand the mission portfolio of their rotary and fixed wing platforms, the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc delivers extraordinary performance in a uniquely compact product," said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. "Our unique CDMQ model allows us to bring products like the Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc to our military customers quickly and cost effectively. The Star SAFIRE 380-HLDc's next- generation capabilities give airborne operators the tools to capture actionable intelligence and more effectively accomplish their missions, day or night."


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